Occupy Wall Street: Where is it going

Hi guys!

My final video is complete, I had a difficult time finding a server to upload it to but I finally found one with a trial for two weeks. Here is the login info. if you would like to watch it:


username: hmtucker@syr.edu



once you login go to the top and you will see a “media” icon [right next to “home”], click the icon then there will be a preview all the way on the right side.

it will look like this…

Click the preview image on the right panel





Have a great summer!



RW final project…getting there

I cannot believe the end of the year is quickly approaching. This has by far been my favorite semester here at Syracuse University. As I work on this final project, I continue to learn more and more about the financial industry I plan on entering upon graduation. Although I am perhaps a little more apprehensive on what my future will entail, I believe I can have a lucrative future in Finance as long as I remain true to who I am. I hope my project will provide the class with an understanding of what the Occupy Wall Street movement is and allow each of you to gather your own opinion of the protest. We (as students, Americans, and the youngest generation) are truly being affected by the protest whether you recognize it or not.

Tomorrow I will present what I have been working on.

Also, here is an article I found pertaining to “May Day” on a CNN blog – read if you would like!

Ahead of the Curve: The Next 7 Days

OWS ‘s own Mayfest!


tomorrow I will be showing some of the work I have done for the final project! It looks like it is going to be quite a challenge (havent worked with finalcut in over a year…but I still really want to use the program).

I came across this article in my RSS feed and thought I would share

#Occupy Wall Street: New York’s Hottest Tourist Destination?

some additional research:

The 99% Spring

an article: on track to train


Final Project—OWS (progress)

Hey guys,

So as I mentioned in class I’ll be using FinaCut Pro to create a PSA based on Occupy Wall Street. I once created one for my film class so I thought it would be cool to go back and re-learn some fo the features I used! Since most of the major events have taken place in NYC I will be using clips from the internet that people have posted (only because I wont be able to get any of my own footage) –*i’ll be sourcing everything!!

Here is a youtube vid I found that will kind of relate to my idea…

Where Do We Go From Here

I will also be including some clips I found from watching the live feed from here…