Final Project—OWS (progress)

Hey guys,

So as I mentioned in class I’ll be using FinaCut Pro to create a PSA based on Occupy Wall Street. I once created one for my film class so I thought it would be cool to go back and re-learn some fo the features I used! Since most of the major events have taken place in NYC I will be using clips from the internet that people have posted (only because I wont be able to get any of my own footage) –*i’ll be sourcing everything!!

Here is a youtube vid I found that will kind of relate to my idea…

Where Do We Go From Here

I will also be including some clips I found from watching the live feed from here…



1 thought on “Final Project—OWS (progress)

  1. You should be proud that you’re using the most sophisticated software in the class, Hillary. Glad you have some experience with it. That said, I wanted to address two related things in your post. One, although a PSA would be cool, I wouldn’t think of this project as one. PSAs, in my mind, are basically nonprofit commercials. I want you to do something more specific, researched and claim-based. For instance, we might see a PSA on buckling seatbelts. No one would argue against that claim. However, some might argue about the role of seatbelt laws in a democracy (or something like that). Secondly, although you’re sourcing some of the footage, don’t forget that you’ll need to synthesize the videos to guide the argument. In other words, don’t forget that you are both editor and author. Will we hear your narration throughout the video? Will we see your text? How will “you” be present in the film? Looking forward to talking more in class today and Monday.

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