RW final project…getting there

I cannot believe the end of the year is quickly approaching. This has by far been my favorite semester here at Syracuse University. As I work on this final project, I continue to learn more and more about the financial industry I plan on entering upon graduation. Although I am perhaps a little more apprehensive on what my future will entail, I believe I can have a lucrative future in Finance as long as I remain true to who I am. I hope my project will provide the class with an understanding of what the Occupy Wall Street movement is and allow each of you to gather your own opinion of the protest. We (as students, Americans, and the youngest generation) are truly being affected by the protest whether you recognize it or not.

Tomorrow I will present what I have been working on.

Also, here is an article I found pertaining to “May Day” on a CNN blog – read if you would like!

Ahead of the Curve: The Next 7 Days


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