“Come to town..It’s Circus Day in Dixie”


Circus Day in Dixie (final rendition)

Version 3:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

Welcome to the circus, Step right up:

Sometimes when life gets tough we need to take a step back and enjoy what’s around us.

Albert Gumble’s, Circus Day in Dixie was a peppy patriotic tune despite the communities throughout America struggling during the post reconstruction era. Gumble was persistent to find an ensemble worthy of his traditional American song.

In 1909, the established, American Quartet graced the Edison cylinder archive with their recording of Circus Day in Dixie.  It’s instant popularity lead to several future recordings of the tune including The Versatile Four, Blossom Seeley, James Reese Europe, The Citations.

A time to “hear the music sweet”, “the clowns who wear the funniest clothes”, and ”Turkish dancin’ show”. The lyrics allow us to recognize the excitement filling the homes of Dixie, – the circus is here – remember to “Enjoy yourself!” “Let me see you smile!”.

Now ladies and gentlment, boys and girls!

Don’t be the last to arrive, you better hurry!

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Circus Day in Dixie Reflection


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