What we are today is not who we will be tomorrow

I still remember the day my dad walked into our home with our first computer. It was a Dell (like that meant anything to me at the time). I was literally infatuated, the whole concept was very new to me, after all I was very young. Still, I sat on the office couch waiting for him to unwrap this huge box. Eventually the computer was set up and I was encouraged to use it as much as possible. My parents were firm believers that this device was going to help initiate a strong thought process and increase learning development. Clearly-THEY WERE RIGHT. In lawrence Lessig’s Remix, he offers the intelligence capacity of our internet, more specifically he states, “Every click you make in the Google universe adds to that database” (page 128). I look at this statement and think about a lot of things. I think about how my parents who were adamant about having their children use the computer regularly were very smart. However, I also think their mindset was rather naive (but it is simply not their fault). Just a decade ago society would have never imagined how fast-paced and technologically savvy we would be. To refer back to Lessig’s quote, today we are the ones in charge, we have the control, the power. Everything is available to us online, and by everything I mean it. I can recall using search engines like AskJeeves . Today, I have each of my highly-proficient tech advices programmed to bring me straight to Google. I have some kind of connection with this engine, perhaps because of how trustworthy, fast, and multifaceted it truly is. You can do anything on Google these days. I also think about what the future will be like. Do you believe that one day we will only be using technology to guide us? We have already disregarded book encyclopedias, dictionaries, and journals. The problem is, by doing everything online we leave ourselves a smaller window of creating from our minds. We are so quick to “Google” something that we do not know or sometimes want to know more about. I recognize how Lessig states the above quote, he is arguing that Google may be doing a lot of the dirty work for us. He is asking his readers to realize that We are naturally given thousands of opportunities to hear the voices of others, will we ever think on our own? I wonder, to what extent will we will relying on the internet, on Google, will we be the ones in charge of our decisions, statements, writing, or will everything be remixed?


1 thought on “What we are today is not who we will be tomorrow

  1. At the college I transferred from in Florida, I took a class with the head of the university. He believed that what you described is the direction we are headed in as a society. Even beyond what you’re probably thinking of; he believed that one day we will have a direct neural interface with all the technology we currently access via the internet. Imagine having Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and anything else you can imagine literally at your disposal with no more than a thought. Perhaps a little more farfetched, he also thought it possible that one day we will achieve near-immortality by planting ourselves completely within a reality fabricated by technology (welcome to the Matrix).

    Personally, I think the days of imagining a future filled with flying cars and interstellar colonization are over. It’s more realistic to think of the future in terms of ever-more-advanced cellphones and ever-more-available information at this point. Time will tell…

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