how I got here…

Delaware, , Vanderbilt, Brandeis, Binghamton, and the list goes on and on. I had already been there done that with my older brother Brad way before I had even taken the SATs. Our father was a Pharmacist and Mom a Marketing expert, but Brad received the the science gene and I was driven by the ideas of business. I knew from a very young age, that I wanted to pursue a corporate life (the good life). I was naïve to think business strictly meant math and was fortunate to learn there is so much more than numbers. Brad was confident with his decision to attend the University of Buffalo…until he stayed over night at Syracuse University and learned about the sports, history, and variety of academic offerings…and learned what life

would be like –> . I was also confident that I would not attend the same university as my brother, I often mimicked his life decisions and thought of college as the opportunity to branch out.


As I walked into Business Law that day unaware of what I was going to discover. Mr. Cohen took attendance and explained to the class we were going to the computer lab today to work on our stock market simulation game. As I took my seat next to him, we began discussing how soon I would be applying for my college. He told me all about his time at Binghamton and then Cornell Law and how he met his wife (the accountant). I interrupted him to tell him that was the career I was almost sure I was going to pursue, math based and in the business field..I knew exactly what I wanted.

When I told him I wanted to study accounting and obtain a CPA he looked at me with disappointment…I felt like I had let him down…not because I wanted to be an accountant but because I would be sitting at a desk  filling out tables all day long. I didn’t understand at that moment why anything was wrong with that? I had known tons of professional accountants and they were all perfectly content with their careers. He asked me what I like to do aside from an academic perspective, I answered instantly- talk and laughed out loud a little. He said “I’ve noticed.” I still couldn’t wrap my head around what he was getting at…did he think I should be a professional talker? He asked me if I had ever thought about the field of communications.  Although I was adamant about finding my own school, I made my way back up to the Hill in early October for an interview in the Whitman school. As I talked with the Director of Undergraduate recruitment she asked me if I had though about the Dual program with the Newhouse school. I was honest and told her no…but she insisted that I hear from other students about the option. She then told me to schedule an interview with admissions. I was so confused…all along I had thought this was my interview my golden opportunity to sell myself..but I was wrong. I left the office feeling more confused than ever, this was the second person to tell me about communications and I had just learned that I was going to have to come all the way back to Syracuse for another interview.

The following Monday I left my house around 5 in the morning to make my 9 a.m. interview..this time with ADMISSIONS. As we talked about traveling and my passion for learning, academically and culturally I hardly noticed my interview lasted well over an hour. I returned to my mom who was patiently waiting for me to tell her I was distracted by everything that just went on. I clearly had a connection to the school. That afternoon my mom and I met with the Director of Whitman again to talk about my options. She asked my mom if I could apply early decision.

How did it go from applying to deciding this was my number one?(maybe this helped?) As we drove back home, I made a list of everything I like about SU and the list went on for pages. My mom told me it was my decision and she would support me in whatever choice I made.

That night I applied EARLY DECISION to the dual program and have never once looked back.

Aside from the encouragement and love I received from my family, I truly have Mr. Cohen and the Director of Whitman to thank for their insight and willingness to help me begin my college journey. And what a journey it has been!


1 thought on “how I got here…

  1. I’m glad you found your way here! It’s true, you really gotta do what you want to do, or else you’re not going to want to do it, right?

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